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Australia Sunllysam Group

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Bringing Jarrah honey from Western Australian forests to the rest of the world

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About Us

Australia Sunllysam Group is honey company with a whole industry chain from beekeeping, honey harvesting, production, brand operation and marketing. We are member of B-QUAL and BICWA (Bee Industry Council of WA). Menzie's Honey is our company trademark, certified by HACCP. Menzie's Honey's apiaries located in the pristine jarrah forest of Western Australia, where the popular healing honey come from. we proudly specialises in Australia's most sought-after raw honey, including Jarrah, Karri, Red Gum, Blackbutt, Mallee, Powderbark, Bottlebrush, Rivergum, Avocado, Eucalyptus,Wandoo honey, honeycomb, beeswax and pollen.

Our most prized export is Jarrah honey, an exceptionally rare and powerful honey found only in the forests of Western Australia, Rich in antioxidants and has the highest antimicrobial properties (Total Activity) of any honey, including Manuka.

Sunllysam Group has also worked hard to bring you Super Jarrah with a Total Activity rating higher than TA 55+.

If your business requires quality honey for your processes; if you appreciate reasonable prices and excellent value; and if you’re looking to deal with a reliable and efficient supplier who will not let you down, you’ll benefit from a relationship with Menzie's Honey.

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Swarm of Bees
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Company Vision

Spread Jarrah honey around the world.


There is honey, then there is Menzie's Honey.


Start every morning with Jarrah honey.

Mission Statement

Your success begins with Menzie's Honey.

We hope to increase the value and distribution of Western Australian honey and bring our success back to the beekeepers and local community.

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Core Principles

  1. We guarantee the quality of our products. Each jar we ship will be filled with the highest quality honey.

  2. We listen our customers and stakeholders.

  3. We are committed to supporting the local communities and the environment.

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