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Menzie's Honey sources Jarrah honey from a variety of apiaries across Western Australia.

Our team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals are as sweet as the honey we sell. Everyone at Australia Sunllysam Group Pty Ltd works extra hard to keep our bees and our customers satisfied.


Sunllysam Apiary

Menzie's Honey's apiaries located in the pristine forest of Western Australia, where the popular healing honey come from. we proudly specialises in Australia's mosts ought-after raw honey, including Jarrah, Karri, Red Gum, Blackbutt, Mallee, Powderbark, Bottlebrush, Rivergum, Avocado, Eucalyptus,Wandoo honey, honeycomb, beeswax and pollen.


WA busy Beekeeper

 In sunshine and in rain, our beloved beekeeper is ready to do whatever it takes to make our bees happy.

Apiaries: Team
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